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Equipment: ozone generator
Equipment Type: Complete Plant
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-09-14
Main Features:
Description: Main effect: germs, eliminate the unusual smell, germ-proofing,Decomposition of formaldehyde, Decomposition fumes, keep fresh of fruits, vegetables Application: This appliance is good for hotel, homes, offices, pubs, restaurants, cafes, food processing plants, hospitals kitchens, and etc. Characteristic Quick: Kill the germs and virus quickly and thoroughly the the thick ozone Safe: Ozone is deoxidized to oxygen itselgf after fresh the air that is different with the chemicals sterilization which have chemicals residue Low cost: Need no raw material but atmosphere; This kind of ozone generator run on very little electricity Convenience: Run with the timer itself when nobody in room; Users can operate according to the instruction book, easy and convenient High quality: at least a service life of 10years; normal use in adverse circumstances(High temperature, high humidity)
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