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Equipments detail
Equipment: sewage water treatment equipment
Equipment Type: Environment Protection Equipment -> Water Treatment Equipment
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-09-14
Main Features:
Description: Main design variable Primary sedimentation tank:is advection type sedimentation pond Adjust pool: The control time is 6 hours A-Bio Pond: Drift type biology contact oxidation pond O-Bio pond: Promote biological contact oxidation pond Secondary sedimentation tank: Vertical flow sedimentation tank Disinfection pond: Cyclone reactor pond Sludge impoundment: Can store up 90 days’ sludge ,then to transport outside after withing attracts the dung cart to carry on pumps Application: Sewage water from Guesthouse, sanatorium, hospital, school, residential district, villa plot Waster water from Fish processing plants, livestock processing plants, milk processing plant
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