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Equipment: Chlorine Dioxide Generator
Equipment Type: Complete Plant
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-09-14
Main Features:
Description: High purity Chlorine Dioxide Generator Component Feed systems, control systems, heating systems, absorption systems, online security state detection system, online raw material dosage detection system, automatic shutdown and residual chlorine dioxide treatment system, automatic separation of residue disposal system, security system Process Principles:4NaClO3+2H2SO4→4ClO2+2H2O+2Na2SO4 Technical performance: Using the new process of Folding Differential Double-temperature reaction to make chlorine dioxide purity greater than 98% Using PID control technology, Direct detection and control the temperature of reaction medium, Ensure that the chemical reaction carried out under the best conditions, Conversion the using of material more than 90%,and can reduce the cost more than 60-70% ,compared Sodium chlorite method, Sodium chlorite method
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