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Equipments detail
Equipment: Air Floated Equipment
Equipment Type: Drying Equipment -> Hot Blast Heater
Unit Type:
Technical Parameters:
Post Time: 2010-09-14
Main Features:
Description: High Efficient Superficial Air Floated Equipment, use the new water treatment technology in the international. Features: 1、 have enough scum reserves space, especially suit for high thickness waste water treatment. 2、 high treat cability , Surface load 10 m3/m2h 3、 Stand a small area , or even can no need to cover, just to overhead, or setting on buildings. 4、 Can adjust the water depth and slag depth, Large range of flow adaptation, have high rate of the solid . 5、 Split type structure, convenient transportation, installation and moving 6、 High rigidity, only need a “#” shape of Concrete beams to support, no need building platform 7、 carbon steel (stainless steel for main part), some key parts of stainless steel, stainless steel three types, carbon sandblasting treated by special heavy-duty processing, Can be anti acid or alkali corrosion, ten years as good as new 8、 Rotary joints with high-tech patent technology, do not need to maintain, adjustable, long-term
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